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Dascon Construction Company (DCC), formerly known as Dascon (Pvt) Ltd, is an organization of highly qualified engineers, project managers and technical professionals undertaking the most challenging and prestigious civil engineering and building construction projects in Pakistan.


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Dascon Construction Company was established in 1979 with a vow for the drive & commitment for the pursuit of excellence and absolute quality focused services in the field of Construction & Engineering. Today; living up to the promise and commitment made over four decades ago, DCC proudly stands as one of Pakistan’s leading Construction & Engineering Service Providers.

Having successfully executed and handed over various commercial, residential, industrial, medical, institutional, iconic structures, steel fabricated structures, infrastructure and sensitive installation projects, DCC has become the ‘go-to’ construction contractors for all developers, multi-national organizations / investors, large prominent group of companies to start-ups looking for cost effective yet quality driven construction and engineering services.

By staying true to our core values, we have successfully forged exemplary business relationships built on strong foundations of trust, integrity and our capability to outperform targets. We believe in reinvesting in our teams, T&P and technology to deliver superior quality construction and engineering services to our treasured clients.

The information systems and procurement networks at DCC are constantly evolving to keep up to speed in this era of frequent technological advancements to operate anywhere within the Country and to enable our clients to ultimately benefit from the broad practical experience, collective knowledge of the experienced professionals and vast procurement network of DCC.

Dascon Construction Company today has evolved as a brand name in the field of Construction & Engineering representing quality and assurance of exceptional construction and related services. Whether you’re a client, employee, partner or a stakeholder, DCC is who you should be associated with.

Engr. Ayaz ud din Durrani
Chief Executive Officer
We at DCC consider ourselves not just mere contractors; but partners of our valuable clients offering:

  1. Highest Standard of Quality Construction
  2. Value Added Construction Services & Facilities
  3. Procurement and Installation of resources for civil, mechanical and steel fabricated structures & finishing.

Each project is of the highest importance to us just as it is to our treasured client.

Over the last 4 decades, we at DCC have maintained an upward graph for growth and sustainability into our emergence as one of the most well-reputed, well-recognized and a trustworthy brand name in the field of civil construction in Pakistan.

Our clients are familiar with our transparent and partner like approach towards each project; free of costly delays, free of risk of conflict and guaranteed cost saving innovative construction methodologies approved and vetted by external Engineers and Consultants.

At the heart of all our operations are our indispensable team members and work force, both on and off the field, who have the spirit to push boundaries every step of the way and foster a culture to accept challenges and embrace innovative thinking.

We have embedded our Core Values and strategies to emphasize on QHSE in our DNA to deliver superior quality construction in the safest of manners; recognized and appreciated by our clients and workforce alike.

We champion diverse talents, skills and backgrounds at DCC. Working together, we make a positive difference and continue to make sure that every project is the envy of the Country. I pay tribute to all our workforce, who we consider as an integral part of DCC’s family, for not only being a part of, but also determined and striving to work towards DCC’s vision.

Shahnawaz Ayaz Durrani
Chief Operating Officer
In this era of rapid technological advancements and fast paced life, we at DCC as a business unit mold with the constant and persistent changes required to keep up with the pace of requirements of our invaluable clients.

Every proposed project poses novel, unique and intriguing technical and engineering challenges; and it is for overcoming these very challenges in the most cost effective and safest manner that DCC is renowned for.

By incentivizing and promoting ‘thinking out of the box’ policy to overcome and to resolve challenges encapsulates cost effectiveness, time saving and value added services. This ultimately translates into financially and technically benefitting the client and the project as a whole.

We are a forward thinking and a success driven company adapting to the technological advances in the field of construction; for both planning and execution. With each successfully executed project, we plan to move two steps forward in the direction to maintain our reputation as one of the leading Construction Contractors & Service Providers in Pakistan.

We believe in building long lasting business relationships with our clients and associated partners. Our relationships are built on trust and integrity. I am proud of the dedicated and ambitious team of professionals at DCC and would like to thank our esteemed clients for putting their trust in us to build their vision, outperform targets and deliver par excellence quality and solutions.

I feel confident that Dascon Construction Company remains on the course of becoming the most reliable, efficient, trustworthy and quality conscious construction service providers in Pakistan.


The mission of DCC is to build on our reputation for integrity, excellence, experience, professionalism and leadership as the nation’s finest construction organization by strict adherence to our core values and by:

  • Continuously improving the quality of our work and services.
  • Constantly striving to exceed each client’s expectations.
  • Maintaining our dedication to the highest moral principles.
  • Providing our people with a challenging, secure and safe environment in which to achieve personal career goals.
  • Contributing to the community by researching and developing new and more efficient and eco-friendly methods and solutions for our work and services.

The DCC vision enhances the internal culture, and maintains DCC’s reputation as a construction leader, an employer of choice, a trustworthy and respected contractor and an active community member. DCC aspires to be the most respected builder, renowned for:

  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Unsurpassed value
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


“Building it Once and Building it Right” is a philosophy adopted by all employees at DCC. DCC’s quality management program, lead under the QHSE Manager, has been developed and perfected to ensure a commitment to quality. Our commitment to quality and the results of our quality management program are apparent to all employees, clients, design partners and trade contractors. We are driven to constantly improve our quality performance by giving attention to detail to ‘outperform targets’ by the best and safest possible solutions and giving exceptional results at every project taken over by DCC. We seek to exceed our client satisfaction level at every level of our work and services.


In addition to health-related employment benefits, DCC provides support programs and services that promote a healthy workforce and mitigate significant workplace health risks. This role includes sharing information and advising employees of local resources through health fairs, special presentations and other internal communication channels. Dedicated medical staff and facilities onboard our vessels and onsite at our fabrication yards provide specialized care and resources.


DCC recognizes that its most valuable asset is its employees. DCC is dedicated to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees at work and at home. DCC is committed to providing employees with equipment, training, and best practices to achieve our shared goal, ZERO injuries, ZERO incidents. DCC strives to have employees leave work and return to their families safely every day. By demonstrating and communicating the importance of safety, DCC’s safety culture extends beyond its job sites and offices and out into the community at large. In addition to everyday safety programs and practices, every DCC construction site and offices undergo a thorough safety inspection every month.


Committed to a strong set of environmental principles, it is our policy to minimize the impact that may be associated with any of our activities. We invest in new technologies that rely less on non-renewable resources. Our Research & Development wing is constantly working on how to minimize environmental impact either by technological advancements or
even by our improving our waste management systems.

Our Expertise

DCC has diversified experience of multi storey building, infrastructure, interior designing, value engineering and project management. In over 33 years of experience we have been building life time relationships with our clients through our services under supervisions of professionals.
High Rise Buildings


INTEGRITY | We are true to our words

Integrity is non-negotiable. DCC’s employees’ is their bond. We live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behaviour.

TRUST & RESPECT | We are open and transparent

We at DCC earn and instill trust by being accountable at every level of our performed work and in all our interactions’.

TEAM WORK | We are one team entity

Our unified culture and shared knowledge and experience help us achieve our goals. Every personnel at DCC have something to contribute to DCC’s construction teams and this belief is the key to our mutual success.

INNOVATION | We think out of the box

We strive to find the best solutions and dare to do things differently and safely.

EXCELLENCE | We give attention to details

Attention to detail is what makes a great project into and exceptional project. We seek and are committed to achieving outstanding performances and exceptional outcomes.

PASSION | We love what we do

DCC’s employees love what they do. They are passionate towards their line of work and eager to take the lead and lead by example.